Saturday, February 6, 2010

Advance Planning

I like to grocery shop on demand.  I don't normally like to figure out what I want to eat until that night, sometimes the night before.  With the realization that a huge snowstorm was coming I was forced to menu plan this weekend in a way that I don't normally do.  Last night needed to be something easy.  Ben was sick and I was on my own to cook and take care of him for a while.  In January's Bon Appetit there was an article celebrating various types of meatballs.  Since I haven't been eating out as much with Ben around, I thought I would make something ethnic rather than a traditional American approach to meatballs.

Hence, Lamb Kofte with Yogurt Sauce and Muhamarra 


This recipe used ground lamb, garlic, tons of mint, cumin, paprika, cayanne to make the meatballs.  The yogurt sauce incorporated tahini (sesame seed paste) and lemon juice.  First the onions were sliced and sauteed in a bit of olive oil.  Then the meatballs were browned up and cooked through.  After the meatballs and onions were done, kept warm in the onion, I added chopped roasted red peppers to the meatball pan and some water to deglaze.  The sauce was reduced and I added pomegrante molasses and chopped parsley.  
Served on some warm middle eastern flatbreads, these were delicious!

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